About Us

An American manufacturer of premium Disposable Trocar Kits and Reusable Trocar Sets for all pellet therapy, Elemis Corporation is FDA registered and family owned.


Jonathan Bergstrom

Chief Executive Officer
Jonathan has worked for top Fortune 50 companies including the American Express Company and PepsiCo.  Leading teams to innovate and drive adoption with surprise and delight experiences of new products and services has been his driving force.  He can be found bombing down the ski slopes, on his stand up paddle board on Lake Tahoe and jet setting to chic “in the know” destinations.

Nicole Bergstrom

Chief Operations Officer
Nicole is passionate about building customer relations and has proven experience in delivering driven results. She provides leadership, management, and vision that is necessary to ensure operating efficiency. She is committed to growing the company’s motto and progressive innovations.

Bradley Coushman

Vice President
Bradley is ardent about creating a strong voice for our brand.  He provides quality, assertiveness, and creativity that is valued at Elemis Corporation. He is committed providing a world class experience for our valued clientele.